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Basic Information

●About the Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies

The Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies (ATP), headquartered in Minato Ward, Tokyo, and headed by Board Chairman Yoichi Fukuura from IVS Television Co, Ltd., has a membership of around 120 major TV program production companies based in Tokyo and Osaka. Since the establishment of ATP in 1982, we have consistently worked to improve the quality of television programming in order to advance broadcasting culture and enrich the cultural life of the nation. Our main activities include the ATP Award TV Grand Prix, an annual award project recognizing outstanding television programs-; the TV Program Production Company Joint Career Fair (formerly TV-EXM), held by television program production companies to find and train production personnel; and Tokyo Docs, a forum for promoting international co-production of documentary TV programs.


  • 198221 production companies (13 film production companies and 8 video production companies) found ATP as a voluntary organization.
  • 1984ATP Award TV Grand Prix established to recognize the year’s most outstanding TV programs as chosen by creators themselves
  • 1986Approval as an incorporated association. ATP membership reaches 32.
  • 1986The first TV-PRODUCTION, EXM86 (later TV-EXM) is held.
  • 1991ATP honored for distinguished service by the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association at its annual convention.
  • 1997An Action Program supporting the idea that rights should belong to creators is adopted at an ATP extraordinary general meeting.
  • 1998Announcement of Action Program 2.
  • 2001Compensation for private sound and visual recordings distributed among members.
  • 2007Membership tops 100.
  • 2011ATP participates in 2011 Children CoFesta (Japan International Contents Festival) film production announcement project . Hosts the first Tokyo TV Forum (renamed Tokyo Docs as of 2013).
  • 2013Becomes a general incorporated association.

●Board Chairmen

Hajime Ishikawa (TELEPACK CO., LTD)
Takaharu Sawada (TOHAN KIKAKU CO., LTD)
Yoshihiko Muraki (TV MAN UNION, INC)
Junichi Shizunaga (CN-INTERVOICE INC)
Hidehiro Kudo (PDS)
Hitoshi Kurauchi (AMAZONLATERNA Co., LTD)
Yoichi Fukuura (IVS Television Co., LTD)


Shiba JI Building 6F
2-5-7 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 105-0014
Phone 03-6205-7858 Fax 03-6205-7859
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About ATP

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